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We Represent Hisar

Hisar, Turkey's foremost producer of steel casting, is also a leading manufacturer of cast rolls for the steel and non ferrous industries.Employing the most modern technologies and equipment.

Hisar, has secured its position as an established manufacturer and supplier of cast rolls to the world's industry within its current size limit. Rolls are produced in a wide range of qualities to meet the specific requirements of processors of sheet, strip, bar, rod, pipe, tube, light and medium sections of all types for the ferrous and non ferrous industries.

Hisar, works with a Total Quality System in accordance with ISO - 9002 requirements such that product reliability corresponding to high quality standards is quaranteed. Products are used in plants in all parts of the world.

Hisar rolls are the subject of a continuous research and development program combining service trials in collaboration with the customers. Experienced technical representatives are available to advise on the choice of rolls for specific applications or on rolling problems.

  • - Sprockets and idlers for construction and mining machines.
  • - Steel cast track links for track type tractors, heavy mining machines and mobile cranes.
  • - Ground Engaging Tools (GET)
  • - Cast Rolls for steel rolling mills.
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